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Individual Psychotherapy 

I offer consultation to adults in English and Farsi. Depending on the problem you are struggling with, we decide during your first session whether to meet once or twice weekly.

Anxiety and Depression 

Memories and one's past can lead to depression and/or anxiety. I understand it is not just a day that you are feeling blue, rather it can truly impact your life. Together, we can explore those memories and feelings which have brought you where you are today!

Behavioral Addictions

Behavioral addictions are also known as process addictions. Addiction to shopping, eating, sex, and gambling are real. Just because you are not taking any substances or drinking alcohol, it does not mean your experience is not real. 

Infidelity and Trust Issues

It is a devastating experience to learn about your partner's infidelity! Talk therapy can help process those awful feelings and devastating thoughts.  It is difficult to carry your burden if you have betrayed your partner. The secure space that talk therapy provides you gives you an opportunity to explore the choices you have made and  your emotions.


Freud contended, dreams are "the royal roads" to the unconscious! I use dream analysis as a means of exploring your emotions with you. Dreams do not predict your future. Dreaming analysis is a way to explore the messages that your psyche is sending you. You may decide to be in therapy for a different issue, or you may be interested in exploring your dreams.


The impacts of childhood traumatic experiences, being physically or sexually abused as a child, carry over to adulthood. In many cases, the abuser was a family member or a relative whom, as a child, you could not expose. Psychotherapy provides a safe space to explore these experiences and get in touch with your emotions. 

Self-Esteem and Body-Image

Your perception of yourself impacts how you feel about yourself which, in turn, impacts your decisions to attend parties, date, or feel comfortable with who you are. Talk therapy addresses the issues of poor self-esteem and body-image, 


Maybe you feel ashamed of yourself because you have not achieved what you desired. Sometimes, you feel your spouse/partner/parents are giving you shame. Talk therapy helps! "We are what we are," Freud claimed, "because we have been what we have been." Today is tomorrow's past, by working on today, we can change what comes in the future.

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