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               Deep wounds need "Depth" work to heal!

    Psychoanalytic therapy is a journey we undertake together! As you share your life story and struggles, we will look at the unconscious and conscious patterns that emerge in your life in a non-judgmental way. The aim of psychoanalytic therapy and psychoanalysis is for you to find yourself! 
    Click to watch the video (1:44') by the American Psychoanalytic Association on psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy.                                      


    My Story and Approach
    Psychoanalytic Therapy, and   Psychoanalysis

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    About Me

    I am a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, a musician, and an editorial board member at Dialogues in Health journal. I come from a teaching background and have had a longstanding desire to learn about the human psyche. I wanted to know why people are the way they are, why they vary in their emotional responses, why they react differently toward the same experience, and why one person chooses a genre of music, specific food, and a type of person to date while another person makes different choices. Eventually, I decided to take the plunge, leave my teacher’s training and engineering degree behind and start my BA in applied psychology, followed by my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselling, and along the way, I started my psychoanalytic training where my thesis was on paintings and personality. I completed my doctoral studies in psychology (PsyD) wherein I researched the impacts of music improvisation on the psyche.

    Finally, I have been in your shoes!

    Becoming a psychoanalyst is a long process and it takes so much inner work: as a requirement for my psychoanalytic training, I had to go through my personal analysis. Learning about myself has facilitated my therapeutic work; it also helped me understand how it feels to be sitting on your side, to be in your shoes, and feel what you may be going through during your therapy.

    My Approach: Working Beneath the Surface

    In psychoanalytic therapy and psychoanalysis, we look at and analyze the immediate issues, but also the deeper issues to make a deeper change since the aim is for you to find yourself, to gain insight, and to explore the upsetting recurrent patterns that impact your emotional and mental health.

    I work with adults struggling with chronic complex conditions and repeated patterns manifested in various areas of life, and colleagues often refer to me for these concerns:


    Abuse                                        Infidelity and trust 


    Anxiety                                    Intimacy and sex


    Behavioral addiction               Eating disorders


    Body image                             Kinks and fetishes           


    Creative blocks                       Masochism



    Depression                              Obsessive thoughts


    Dreamwork                             Personality disorders



    Somatization                          Self-Esteem & Self-Worth


    Fear of Abandonment           Grief of Miscarriage

    Personal Growth                   Trauma (abuse, assault, rape)   

    Is Trauma always the result of living through a war?

    No, it is not. Trauma, according to Spiegel, is "the experience of being made into an object, the victim of someone else's rage, of nature's indifference, or one's physical and psychological limitations."

    Elizabeth F. Howell

    What Does the Fear of Abandonment Look Like?

    The individuals who struggle with this fear in their relationships strive to "attain the assurance of love and, consequently, the maintenance of security" because even the thought "of abandonment creates anxiety which" results in"the non-valued self."

    Germaine Guex  

    What does Masochism mean?

    "The term masochism as used by psychoanalysts does not connote a love of pain and suffering. The person who behaves masochistically endures pain and suffering in the hope, conscious or unconscious, of some greater good" and "masochistic behavior is not necessarily pathological" it is "self-abnegating."

    Nancy McWilliams 

    What is Somatization?

    "Somatization is what analysts have called the process by which emotional states become expressed physically."

    Nancy McWilliams 

    About Psychoanalytic Work 

    Why is there an emphasis in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy on the exploration of the underlying causes of immediate issues?

    Suppose you have a bad backache. You may alleviate the pain but you need to learn what motion or weight caused the pain and how it impacts your back, so the next time you are in the same situation, you will have a better chance of helping yourself avoid what causes you backaches. Hence, you will not be struggling with recurrent backache. The same is true for psychotherapy and the recurrent patterns that your psyche gets stuck in.

    What is Depth Psychology?
    Depth psychology comprises all the schools of psychoanalysis and Jungian psychology (analytical psychology); they share the belief that humans have a dynamic unconscious life that impacts how they feel, think, behave, and dream. The dynamic unconscious impacts everyone's life; sometimes, this is why people find themselves in harmful repetitive patterns, multiple broken relationships, encountering the same issues at work even after changing jobs, or recurrent disturbing dreams.




    Recent Interviews

    I love studying personalities through music and art as I am also a musician. How one's personality manifests itself in the work of art has always fascinated me. Click on the link below for my interview with the International Society of Applied Psychoanalysis (Société Internationale de Psychanalyse Appliquée) on the topic of personality structures, defense mechanisms, and jazz improvisation.

           ----                      -----                   -----     

    In this interview with the Happy Doc Student podcast, in addition to offering some recommendations to doctoral researchers, I also touch on the following topics: 

    1- the same words have different meanings to different people and I provide an example

    2- the value of qualitative research, as opposed to its quantitative counterpart, in psychology and psychoanalysis. 




    Publications in Scholarly Journals 

    Please click on my research ID (ORCID) below to check my publications.


    Online Publication


    Therapy Route

    I love studying the impacts of music on the psyche. Click on the link below to read my article about trauma, the symbolic meaning of hell from the standpoint of Depth Psychology, and the healing potential that blues music offers.



    About Appointments 

    1. I am registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC).

    2. All appointments are Monday to Thursday; all appointments are 45 minutes. 

    3. Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy are based on the same principles; however, they differ in frequency and intensity.  

    Psychoanalytic therapy   1 session    per week

    Psychoanalysis                3 sessions  per week

    4. I accept e-transfer. Please use my email address ( to make the transfer at the end of each session.     

    5. I started offering video sessions long before the pandemic as I wanted to work with adults in near and remote locations. Currently, all my appointments are online video appointments. 




    "To become whole we must try, in a long process, to discover our own personal truth,

    a truth that may cause pain before

    giving us a new sphere of freedom."

    Alice Miller

    Education and Memberships

     - Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)                 California Southern University


    - M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling    University of the Cumberlands


    - Diploma in Psychoanalysis.                            École  Internationale de Psychanalyse Appliquée


    - Graduate Certificate in Industrial/Organizational


    California Southern University 

    - B.A in Applied Psychology                        Belhaven University 

       Canadian registrations and memberships


    - College of Registered Psychotherapists of  Ontario, RP #009208


    - Canadian Association for Psychodynamic  Therapists, Member #854

    - BC Association of Clinical Counsellors,  RCC#18632

       International affiliations and memberships

    - Member, International Society of Applied Psychoanalysis (ISAP), France

    - Member, Division of Psychoanalysis,      American Psychological Association (APA), USA

    - Psychotherapist Member, American    Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA), USA

    -Full member, American Psychological  Association (APA), USA

    Contact Rhett


    Rhett-Lawson Mohajer, PsyD, RP, RCC

    Tel: 250-857-3785


    I love a balance between working as an individual clinician and being part of a team and since I am registered in BC and Ontario,


    I am also a team member of

    East Vancouver Counselling in BC.

    And I am a group member of 

    Toronto Psychotherapy Group in Ontario

    Thanks for submitting!

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